Unconditional Offers based on your predicted grades

We are aware of the trend for some universities to make unconditional offers to applicants who are yet to complete their Level 3 qualifications.

In general terms, we only make unconditional offers to applicants who have already met our entry requirements. We feel that unconditional offers based purely on predicted performance are unhelpful both to applicants and their advisers.  Our courses are challenging and it is important that students are resilient and equipped to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by our undergraduate programmes. 

If you have applied to Swansea University and have received an unconditional offer from elsewhere we would encourage you to contact us on 01792 295111 to discuss any concerns you may have.

This information is intended to help advise applicants who have received a conditional offer from Swansea and an unconditional offer elsewhere.


Why do universities make unconditional offers?

Universities typically indicate that they are making an unconditional offer because they have been favourably impressed with the candidate’s application.  As flattering as it can be to receive such an offer, we would suggest that you consider why a University is behaving in this way.  In this situation you are being invited to enroll on a degree programme without having to demonstrate prior achievement or a relevant base of subject knowledge.  This says quite a lot about the University and their lack of confidence in being able to attract strong students.

While it can be reassuring for applicants to know that one of their UCAS choices is willing to give them an unconditional offer, it is important to fully consider the implications of accepting offer in these circumstances.

When deciding which offer(s) to accept we would encourage students to base their decision primarily on the course and university that they feel represents the best long term opportunity for them, rather than on whether their place would be automatically guaranteed.


What if I accept my conditional offer at Swansea but don’t achieve the results to meet the offer?

We make offers where we feel that applicants demonstrate that they are capable of meeting our entry requirements and succeeding on their chosen course.

If you accept Swansea as your firm choice but narrowly miss the conditions of your offer, we would proactively consider whether we could still admit you during the Confirmation and Clearing period in August. We value the commitment that a student makes in opting to hold Swansea as firm choice or insurance choice, and recognise that these applicants have fully researched their UCAS options and choices.

If you are made formally unconditional by another institution then your insurance choice will be automatically declined, and as such you would no longer hold any other offers. You would also be ineligible for Adjustment, and therefore the only route available to study anywhere else would be via Clearing.


Longer term issues relating to accepting an unconditional offer

Students can be tempted to accept an unconditional offer as doing so can help to reduce the stress of pre-university examinations, as their university place will not be dependent on exam performance.

There is a growing body of evidence that students who accept an unconditional offer experience a dip in eventual exam performance.  There may be longer-term consequences if you do not obtain the Level 3 examination results that reflect the effort and ability you have demonstrated throughout your educational career.  Many graduate employers consider Level 3 qualification performance when shortlisting applicants for graduate schemes.


You should not feel rushed into making decisions over your choices.  Offers should not be time-limited and you are best served by weighing up the merits of the individual schemes that you have applied for.