How we deal with your application

How we deal with your application

Once UCAS have processed your application your form will be sent to the Institutions you listed. 

You can check your application progress at any time by using UCAS Track.

Receipt of application at Swansea

We normally receive over 1,000 applications a week during the busiest period but we try our best to let you know our decision as quickly as possible!

Upon receipt of your application, we will send you an e-mail or postcard to let you know it's been received.  The Admissions Office then carries out basic checks on each application and highlights important information for Admission Selectors (e.g. whether the applicant is likely to meet the University's General Requirements, whether he/she has a disability or any specific requirements, predicted grades etc). 

If the application has any missing information, such as missing academic reference or it is not clear what qualifications you are holding, the form will be held in the Admissions Office whilst this information is sought. We will usually contact you via email to request additional information.

Once all of the checks are complete (this usually takes up to a week) your application is forwarded to the College Admissions Selector for consideration.  

Consideration by Admissions Selector(s)

Each Department/School has an Admissions Selector who are responsible for considering applications for admission. Selectors will look at a range of criteria such as predicted grades, previous academic performance; prior experiential learning; availability (or lack) of suitable learning opportunities and resources; current courses of study; assessments by referees, educational psychologists or medical practitioners; records of achievement; evidence of commitment and motivation; quality of written work; performance at interview or under examination conditions. The Selectors will also take into account the candidate's ability to contribute to the cultural, sporting or social life of the University and the community.

Unfortunately, due to the intensity of competition for a limited number of places, although they may well satisfy some or all of its criteria for selection, certain candidates may have to be denied admission.

If you are a candidate with a serious disability or chronic medical condition or have significant support requirements, then we will send you a questionnaire to assess your support needs and we may require you to be interviewed by the University's Disability Officer and/or the Director for Occupational Health after the academic decision has been made. 

This is to ensure that the University is aware of any circumstances which might affect your admission to the University and your subsequent studies and also to ensure that the University is able to put into place any support systems which you might require.

Receive a decision on your application

Once the Admission Selector has fully considered the application, the Admissions Office will communicate the decision to UCAS.  

The formal decision will be communicated to you by UCAS, and will indicate whether an offer of a place is being made, including any conditions which must be met before the start of the academic year.  The details will be shown on Track. If you supplied a valid email address on your application, UCAS will email you when a decision has been made. To protect confidential information, the email will not contain the actual decision: you'll still need to go to Track to check the details.

You can also use Track to accept or decline offers and change some personal details, such as your postal address, telephone number and email address.

No offers of admission made by other means are considered to be legally binding. Indications of admission by a member of staff of any Department should not be considered to constitute an offer of a place, nor should it be considered binding in any way, prior to the receipt of a formal offer through UCAS.

If your application is unsuccessful and you require feedback or wish to request that it be reconsidered please contact the Admissions Office for further details. For more Information, please see the Appeals Procedure for applicants.