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BSc Pharmacology


Pharmacology is the science of drugs, their chemical and physical properties, their actions on living systems, and their effects on health and disease. Pharmacologists have played a crucial role in the discovery of hundreds of chemicals used in the treatment of disease and the relief of human and animal suffering.  Through work force and skills gap analyses, the pharmaceutical industry has identified Pharmacology as a critical undergraduate degree, required to treat the current patient population and develop the medicines of the future.  

Pharmacology is a science that underpins both medicine and pharmacy, but where students studying pharmacy will usually go on to dispense medicines in a chemist’s shop, pharmacology graduates go on to a range of careers, including work in academic or industrial research laboratories, pharmaceutical sales, the food and beverage industry, patent law, medical writing, consultancy, or following additional training, medical practice. 

Topics Likely To Be Covered

Cell biology
Antimicrobial resistance
Cardiovascular biology
Reproductive biology
Medical psychology
Skills for medical sciences
Communicating medical sciences

Intended Start Date
September 2018

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