Student Finance FAQ's

I’m not sure what my first choice course/University is – Shall I wait to submit my Student Finance application?

No – You need to apply ASAP using your preferred choice at the time. This allows the assessment to be conducted and the relevant checks on things like your ID and Household income to take place. If your course details then change, this can be easily updated and is unlikely to affect the funding assessment.

If you wait until your results are released before applying, it will vastly delay your first student funding instalment and will impact on your first few months of University.

When I try to apply to student finance, my course is not on the system, what do I do?

Occasionally, the submission of course details to the SLC database can be delayed for some courses, which would mean a delay in you being able to submit your application. To double check your course details and see if a genuine delay has occurred for your course, please call the student finance office on 01792 602700.

I currently receive EMA, does this affect how I apply for my funding?

If you have a student finance account for the purpose of receiving EMA you MUST apply using this account. Failure to do so, will lead to your application being cancelled and your first instalment of student finance being severely delayed.

My assessment isn’t 100% correct, what do I do with the signature declaration?

You should send your signed and completed signature declaration back to Student Finance ASAP. Your application can still be amended at a later date as your are only signing the declaration to agree to the student finance terms and conditions, rather than agreeing to the amount your assessment states.

You WILL NOT receive any student finance, until your signature declaration has been received and processed by student finance. 

How do I apply for the Income Related Bursaries?

There is no official application process and the bursary is assessed based on the income figure shared by Student Finance. If your income falls within one of the relevant income brackets and you have agreed on your student finance application form for information to be shared with the University, you will automatically receive the bursary.

Bursaries are paid in 2 instalments in February and May of the relevant academic year.

I am an independent student, how does this affect my funding?

A student will be considered independent if:

  • You are 25 or over before the start of the current academic year
  • You have been married or entered into a civil partnership before the start of the current academic year
  • You have care of a child/children
  • You have financially supported yourself for at least 3 years before the start of your course
  • You have no living parents or you are permanently estranged from your parents. 
  • You are a Care Leaver

As an independent student, your student funding entitlement will be assessed on your (and your partners) income rather than that of your parents.

I want to know the amount of funding I am entitled too?

The amount of funding you are entitled too will depend on circumstances such as where you live, the course you are studying and household income. For a better idea of what you can receive based on your circumstances please visit our student funding pages